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Taming Your Passwords

By Eric Robichaud

Is it me, or have passwords gotten out of control lately?   Actually, I know it's not me -- they have!  Every aspect of our daily lives, personal and professional, are now managed online in a different service requiring a password, and they all have their own rules and quirks, so you can't possibly remember them all.  If you're about to throw your computer off a ledge in frustration, I suggest you sit, take a deep breath, and read this article first.  "It gets better."  Trust me.

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Mobilegeddon – Is Your Website Safe?

By Eric Robichaud

Earlier today Google announced the launch of their new mobile search algorithm that will effect the way mobile search results are ranked.  The update, that could take up to a week to roll out, will give priority rank to “mobile-friendly” websites when searching on a smartphone, while burying non-mobile-friendly sites in searches performed from a smartphone. But don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world.

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How to Fix a Misspelled Word in iOS Autocorrect Dictionary

By Eric Robichaud

It has become en vogue to make fun of the iPhone’s Autocorrect feature. Websites like Damn You, Autocorrect (aka DYAC) poke fun at many of the hilarious conversations that can ensue.

One of the particularly annoying situations is when autocorrect is coupled with the iPhone’s auto-learning features — your fingers are flying over the keys and type incorrectly and accidentally hit pop-up options that cause the iPhone to “learn” your misspelling. Now and forevermore, any time you type the word CORRECTLY the darned phone will automatically “fix” it for you by MISspelling it!

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