JotNot Rocks My World!

I tripped across an app that has skyrocketed towards the top of my "can't live without" list: JotNot Pro, for iPhone.

JotNot uses the iPhone's built-in camera to take a photo of a piece of paper and turn it into an electronic document for emailing or faxing. It supports several standard/popular formats such as JPG and PDF. This app shocked and amazed me with it's robust features, high quality results.

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Google Announces Nexus|S

Wow. I did NOT see that one coming! Google just announced a new handset...

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Should iPhone Users Switch to Verizon?

Credit Suisse released a report Monday that said that 23% (an estimated 1.4 million) AT&T customers would switch if Verizon released an iPhone next year, as is widely anticipated. A very slim margin (3%) said they'd go so far as to break their AT&T contract and pay the penalties. Most said they'd just switch at the first opportunity.

Personally, I'm going to take a "wait and see" attitude, assuming this even does come to pass.

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Guest Author on MortgageOrb

Well, I've just had an article published by MortgageOrgb for the lending industry.  Special thanks to Phil Hall.  Check it out!

Using Your Web Site to Boost Origination Volume

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Should Google Stick to Search?

Well, today I saw an interesting blog post quietly slide by, almost unnoticed.  Google waved "Bye, Bye" to Google Wave.

This comes fairly close on the heels of another similar non-announcement: Google quietly killed its heralded Nexus One smartphone.

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Using Skype As a Business Tool

 There are three types of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't.

This old joke came to mind when I started thinking about this post. It seems there are two main camps of computer users:  those who've never heard of Skype, and those who know about it and think of it as a cutesy personal voice-over-internet voice/video calling program.  But Skype is starting to be seen as a valuable business productivity tool.  Allow me to explain.

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Way Cool: Apple's New "Green" Battery Charger

This post even surprises me a little bit, but I wanted to take a moment to point out Apple's new, more environmentally-friendly battery charger.

It's a pretty basic, simple thing, but like everything else they do, the Apple design team has put their magical touch on a basic staple, and created a device that's pretty darned cool -- just a nice, elegant solution for a basic day-to-day problem, and energy-saving to boot.

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The Truth About iPhone 4 Reception Issues

OK, there's been so much hype, hyperbole and misinformation about the iPhone 4 antenna issue that, after the umpteenth time I was asked about it, I thought it was time for a blog post!

95% of what's floating around the airwaves right now is dis-information.   Here are the facts:

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Troubleshoot Web Site Problems With NetToolz

"Hi. I think our web site is down."

Nothing can ruin a day faster than those words. It can send an afternoon into the can in three seconds flat.

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A Primer on DNS Servers and DNS Caching

I have been working on a post along the lines of "How to Troubleshoot Web Site Problems" but it started to get mired down in the details of DNS servers.  Thus, I decided to break the topic out into a separate posting to lay some groundwork first, THEN post the original tutorial.  So without further adieu, a primer on DNS:

"DNS" stands for "Domain Name System".  DNS is sort of the hard-working, lunch pail laborer upon whose back the Internet is built.  It's sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of the Internet, getting very little respect.  Yet it's a crucial link.

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Tips for PC to Mac Switchers

Thinking about switching to a Mac?  You can click here to read all about my gradual shift from the land of Windows.  C'mon in ... the water's nice!

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Enabling Pretty Permalinks in Wordpress on OSX 10.6

Wordpress on Mac OSX is pretty neat out of the box, but I found that when trying to enable the pretty permalinks, to make posts more search engine friendly, I was getting errors.   Oh sure, I could configure it in the Wordpress Admin, but then I'd just get 404 Page Not Found errors when trying to access blog entries.

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The Story of a Mac Switcher

Thinking about getting a Mac for the first time, but concerned?

It's like the first time you have to go to "big kid school" and leave your Woobie at home...    Will I make it?  What if I need my favorite Windows program?  What if there isn't a Mac version of such-and-such?  Will my files be compatible?  What if I hate it?

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Upgrade Your Browser, Or You'll Get a Virus and Die

It's time to get more aggressive in the fight to retire IE6. This humorous article explores that which is IE6.

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Dual Boot Mac / Windows? No, There's a Better Way...

I recently received a call from a long-time client of mine asking for a little help in setting up a dual boot system so he could boot Windows on his iMac.

Before delving into the "how to" process, I stopped and forced him to take a step back. I asked "Why do you want to do that? What are you looking to achieve?" This is part of my "consultative approach" that I take with all clients and all projects -- before just jumping in, I ask questions first. I'm not a big fan of "ready, fire, aim".

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Official Twitter App Released: A good thing or bad?

Uh oh...

Today Twitter has released their own official iPhone app. It's labeled version 3.0 because this is actually an updated version of the previously popular Tweetie app. The Twitter juggernaut recently acquired Tweetie and the company behind it, taking over the app and re-branding it as the official Twitter app. Since its debut, Tweetie had been $2.99 in the iTunes AppStore. Twitter has now made it free for all users.

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The Secret to iPhone App Store Success!

This is a video anyone can watch, it's not only for techies.

That said, anyone who develops apps for the Apple AppStore will certainly appreciate this humorous video.

While there may be a nugget of info in here somewhere, it's primarily a couple minutes of humor.

It was too good for me not to pass along.  Enjoy.  :-)

If the video doesn't load below, you can Click Here to View The Movie...


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Compress ( aka Zip ) Problems in Mac OSX Leopard

Here's a curious issue!

I was having issues with entitlement / code signing on an iPhone app.  I was positive everything was correct, yet the beta tester I was emailing it to could not install it.  I was ripping my hair out.  (And boy, did I look funny!)

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Easily Finding A Device's UDID

When it comes to beta testing iPhone and iPad apps, let's face it -- Apple's copy protection scheme (mobile provisioning profiles, etc.) is a real hassle.  From a business perspective, I very much understand why they do it, and why they try to keep a lid on things.  But that doesn't change the fact that it's still a major hassle.   Untold hours have been wasted trying to figure out why an app won't install on a particular device, and we get "entitlements are not valid" errors, and more.

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