Web Hosting

Hang Your Virtual Shingle on the Internet

Once your brand spanking new web site is done, you will need a place to 'host' it -- a server out on the Internet somewhere, where it can sit and be accessed.

401 Consulting offers web site hosting, on our own servers.

Our management team has directly owned and managed racks of dedicated HTTP (Web Site), DNS, FTP, SQL (Database) and File servers since 1996.  The Data Center is powered by a blazing fast, fiber optic backbone and the latest cutting edge server hardware and firewall systems.

While our rates are on par with national hosting facilities, our services excell -- we never "overbook" our bandwidth, and always make sure there's ample excess bandwidth and CPU horsepower to handle usage spikes.  We offer fast throughput, so your web site and web-based applications are responsive and provide the ultimate in end-user experience for your customers.

Managing our own technology base is part of our "One Stop Shopping" philosophy -- we can manage and control every aspect of the project from concept through development and even deployment.  We can guarantee that our solutions can be deployed quickly and easily.

While our customers are free to host their sites in their own facilities or at any data center location of their choosing, we find that nearly 98% of all clients (including a multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 company with a large, sophisticated data center of its own) have chosen to host their web sites and web-based applications with 401 Consulting because of the ease and simplicity.

We simply make it work.